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What is the answer to 'The Challenge'?

Stratadigm. With over 15 years experience in teaching critical parts of the CFA program, we know exactly WHY students find it difficult and WHERE they find it difficult.

Our course design is centered around making it EASY: Learn Smarter!


The Course Director for this program is Mr. Saurabh Lodha, CFA, FRM, CFP, MS-Finance. He has been training CFA aspirants for over 12 years now and is highly regarded for the light-handed manner in which he makes complex subjects simple. View his profile here!


Using that depth, he has reorganised the material to be studied by the student as a series of simple steps that gradually lead to the level of competence needed to ace the CFA exams.


The CFA Institute reports that the candidates who pass report having studied and prepared for 303 hours on average.

 A Smoother Path: While the syllabus is known, (see later), Stratadigm has assessed the difficulties students face and disaggregated the bundle into:


  1. Essential Financial Knowledge

  2. Contextual math

  3. Core Studies



The Core studies are what the 'Readings' in the CFA books are about. The exam paper is set from topics and Learning Objective listed in those books. But without a strong understanding of the basic building blocks, students find the 'Readings' tough to cover. There are 57 'Readings' in all across topics. 


How are the Essentials covered?


  1. Essentials are available as a parallel digital resource

  2. Continuous access to digital resources 

  3. Confidence in the basics through ‘Graded testing’ 

  4. Reinforcement and cross-reference during Core studies



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