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Quantitative Methods

Volume 1B

Reading 6

Time Value of Money

Reading 7

Statistical Concepts and Market Returns

Reading 8

Probability Concepts

Reading 9

Common Probability Distributions

Reading 10

Sampling and Estimation

Reading 11

Hypothesis Testing


Challenge R6: 5 Hours over 5 Days

Challenge R7: 9 Hours over 9 Days

Challenge R8: 6 Hours over 6 Days

Challenge R9: 5 Hours over 5 Days

Challenge R10: 4 Hours over 4 Days

Challenge R11: 5 Hours over 5 Days

This relaxed timeline given is to give you the maximum chance to achieve the Performance Discount.

From a completion perspective if a student preparing for a particular exam, can complete the Challenges faster. For instance a student who can find 4 hours a day can finish each Challenge here within a day, or so.

That is 6 days for the topic: Quantitative Methods.

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