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Financial Reporting & Analysis

Volume 3

Reading 19

Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis

Reading 20

Financial Reporting Standards

Reading 21

Understanding Income Statements

Reading 22

Understanding Balance Sheets

Reading 23

Understanding Cash Flow Statements

Reading 24

Financial Analysis Techniques

Reading 25


Reading 26

Long-Lived Assets

Reading 27

Income Taxes

Reading 28

Non-Current (Long-Term) Liabilities

Reading 29

Financial Reporting Quality

Reading 30

Applications of Financial Statement Analysis


Challenge R19: 3 Hours over 3 Days

Challenge R20: 2 Hours over 2 Days

Challenge R21: 4 Hours over 4 Days

Challenge R22: 4 Hours over 4 Days

Challenge R23: 4 Hours over 4 Days

Challenge R24: 6 Hours over 6 Days

Challenge R25: 4 Hours over 4 Days

Challenge R26: 5 Hours over 5 Days

Challenge R27: 3 Hours over 3 Days

Challenge R28: 3 Hours over 3 Days

Challenge R29: 6 Hours over 6 Days

Challenge R30: 3 Hours over 3 Days

This relaxed timeline given is to give you the maximum chance to achieve the Performance Discount.

From a completion perspective if a student preparing for a particular exam, can complete the Challenges faster. For instance a student who can find 4 hours a day can finish each Challenge here within a day, or so.

That is 14 days for the topic: Financial Reporting & Analysis

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