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It stands to reason that the qualification is takes serious studies to complete. Added to that is the challenge for working professionals in finding the dedicated time to put in the required effort.


The program has three levels.


The three levels are intricately linked. The stronger the fundamentals, the easier is the path to qualification.


LEVEL 1: This is all about the Fundamentals. Key words: DESCRIBE, KNOW. The exam is MCQ-based, with 180 questions. The exam is computer based and can be taken 4 times in a year. 

Check out the Quick Start Guide for Level 1 here!



LEVEL 2: This builds on the Fundamentals. Key Words: ANALYSE, APPLY. Since it becomes more application oriented the exam is vignette-based: short case studies followed by MCQ questions. Each exam has 20 to 30 vignettes that need answering. Each vignette takes between 10 to 20 minutes to read and answer.

Check out the Quick Start Guide for Level 2 here!



LEVEL 3: Now you are ready to THINK and APPLY solutions based on your strong fundamental capabilities. The exam is still based on vignettes (short cases) but the answers are in two distinct formats: 1. Word-based answers 2. Calculation-based answers.



Implicit in this is the challenge: for a working professional to find dedicated time and make the required effort.

Check out the Quick Start Guide for Level 3 here!

Stratadigm's understanding of a typical students problem and its unique approach make it easier for you to take on this challenge! Click here to know how!

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